Women in Business Executive Board 2019

Heidi Flitton
Encore Benefits
Senior Account Executive
Tiffany Shisler
Kimberli Green
Past Chair
Adrienne Andrews
Stacy Bernal
Professional Development
See Stacy Speak LLC
Stacy Bernal is not your average speaker. In fact, some may say she’s below average. While many speakers tout years of success and blissful, meaningful existence of a life well-lived, Stacy was busy schlepping through life with no real sense of purpose. Until she found herself in her early 30s with nothing to show but a steaming pile of failures.

Stacy discovered, quite by accident, that sharing her story helped inspire and motivate others. (Turns out people LOVE hearing about failures!) She enjoys empowering others by reminding them of their own greatness. Through humor and hard times, she encourages her audiences to ‘Find Their Finish Lines,’ whatever they may be.

Stacy is available for keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and anything in between.

Brittney Chugg
Communications & Advertising
Carrie Lindsay
Communications & Advertising
Sara Mejeur
Professional Development
GOAL Foundation
Marketing and Communications Manager
Emily Oyler
Weber School Foundation
Executive Director
Cindy Weloth
Professional Development
Ogden City
Executive Assistant to Mayor & Mark
Heidi Benson
Mari Roberts
Johnson & Company
Office Manager
I am the Office Manager for Johnson and Company and currently a member of the WIB Executive Board assisting with Membershp Development.  
Jaynee Nadolski
ATHENA Recipient
Josepha Woolever